Sekaten is a commemoration event of the birth of Prophet (Nabi Muhammad SAW) which is held on every 5th Mulud (Java calendar) in north Alun-alun Yogyakarta and Surakarta, Indonesia.

These are the pictures I took on 10th January, 2014. Here’re some :)









Such a grace, I live in this artsy city, Yogyakarta. Alhamdulillah :)


Story of Japan Trip

So, to begin the story let me say ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!!’ for all of you! :) may 2014 be a joyful and a happy year and I hope you all have a memorable 2013. Why? Because I do, I really do! :)

If someone ask me: “What a reminiscence about 2013, Nis?” I will steadfastly answer: “Japan Trip!”

Alhamdulillah, I have a chance to visit a country where I want to visit the most since Junior High School. On 29th October – 8th November. A short yet fun and memorable journey :)

I am not the expert traveller so I will not give you kind of tricks or advices, but I just want to share about my story and this ‘naked’ journey. Why ‘naked’? Because even most of our destinations were selected at the time, spontaneously :p

This is Japan:

1. Japan is a country that could combine the side of their modernity and traditionality altogether. Fit. Beautiful. Perfect. As I might see.


2. Very Creative. The industries have grown up highly (I think) because of their creativity and the feeling of ‘fond of’ their country. They think the smallest smallest thing that I even has just realised. As simple as how the packaging of their traditional food where they sell them in airport, trainstation, or another center of their stuffs or food. Or as simple as the ‘thing’ we usually see in the street filled with their culture.


3. A country where you could see ‘peace’ everywhere.


4. The hardworker and totalism of their people.


5. The kindness and cuteness of Japanese. Feels like a stranger there? Trust me, you won’t. You’ll get what you need when you ask Japanese. I even always asked about the street or train or station with them. If they want to explain but they cant speak english, they will guide you until the place you want to go for. They did it for us many times :”)


Okay this picture is the special one. Much much much thanks for this family who had driven us to the bus station by their car bcz we weren’t gonna ┬ámake it if we walked. :”)

6. Children and their mom everywhere. Wasn’t that sweet? Daddy is going to work while Mom is raising their children. :)


7. Japanese is the easy one. I mean sometime they will directly start the conversation when they recognise your country. It was twice happen to me. 1st in the train, a man asked ‘Are you malaysian?’ ‘Umm, I’m not. I’m Indonesian’ then the man ever visited Indo and our conversation continued. The 2nd was when (I and my partner travelling who was my sister and my sister’s friend) we were called by passerbies with ‘are you Indo?’ ‘yeah we are’ ‘Oh, I remember ‘aduh” the other: ‘I am from Solo!’ (maybe he means he was in Solo). Something that makes me love Japanese. They’re really really ‘into me’. :)

waiting on a station

8. Anyway I visited Keikarou :”) Keikarou is Aiba Masaki family’s Chinese Restaurant located in Chiba. I am a fan of him and Arashi (idol band) :p


9. Japanese food are deliciously delicious for me. But I didn’t eat SUSHI :(


10. Last but not least We were able to visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chiba, Hiroshima, Yokohama in 10 days.


11. I still want to go back there, anyway :)


 More photos here :)